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2 Responses to Are Your Prospect Experiences Productive Ones?

  1. Shane Gibson says:

    Too many sales people play the numbers game and think short-term. I also hold sales management accountable for this too. The focus is short-term and customer acquisition focused. If sales people and companies focused on engagement, customer retention, and the long term big picture they would need fewer new customers.

  2. Dave Brock's Blog says:

    Great post John, and I absolutely agree with Shane.

    Too often, at all levels of sales, I see people "going through the motions."

    The highest performing sales professionals are "thoughtful" in their approach. By this, I don't mean being thoughtful about interupting your time (as they did for you John), though they should be thoughtful in this sense as well.

    Being thoughtful means thinking about what you are doing and why your are doing it, and most importantly, how do you create value for the customer in each interchange.

    Until sales professionals, through strong leadership and coaching, start being thoughtful about how they engage the customer and facilitate their buying process, sales people will leave a lot of opportunity on the table.

    The one small quibble I have with Shane's comment, is that I believe you can have a great customer acquisition strategy–but the key is in how you engage the customer.

    Thank you John for a great post and thanks for your great comments Shane!

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