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How It Helps

Sales Teams Win New Business Faster

Winning new business is hard work + often unrewarding. It's a challenge to put in the effort it takes to succeed. 

If you had 'FitBit'-like feedback that showed you the buyer impacts of your efforts, would it be easier to do the hard work it takes to succeed?
Would your Bus Dev practices be healthier if, with that feedback, you were guided on who to talk to, when to talk to them and what to talk to them about? 

Amacus shows you who is ready for a conversation, what to focus on in the conversation, and the success of each conversation. It does so by watching what each prospect does with the info you give them + appointments you schedule with them. As you make best use of your time, by focusing on your most interested buyers, you win more new business from winning more conversations.

As you see how your practices affect your results, it gets easier to improve results with better practices.

Our 5 Ingredients for Buyer-Guided Sales Performance ...