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How It Helps Client List

Designed with forward-thinking firms

Amacus is a testament to the brilliance of our current and past clients. Their resolve to improve their sales results enabled
Amacus to become the time-saving tool that it is today.Those we've had the privilege to work with include:


Abacus Enterprise Solutions  |  Active Networks  |  AdOil  |  Air Canada Championship (PGA Tour)  |  Anduro Marketing
Backbone Magazine  |  BC Technology Social Venture Partners  |  Bean Services  |  Blackstone Gates
Cdn Manufacturers + Exporters Association  |  CD Nova  |  Checker Wireless  |  Clarrus Consulting Group
Fortinet  |  Funnel Solutions  |  Galeforce Solutions  |  GCI Group (Chicago)  |  HIE Electronics  |  HighPoint Solutions
IFD  |  Infinite Source Systems  |  Inflection Point  |  JA Smith Business Solutions  |  Kinetix Wireless  |  Ledgers Online
Lund Performance Solutions  |  Marketing Operations Partners  |  Modelsoft  |  nTouch  |  Ode Systems Group  |  Optware
OptiSurface  |  Optware  |  PCIS  |  Pacific Telecommunications Council  |  PDTi  |  Neoteric Technologies  |  SalesXperts
Second Foundation  |  Simkin Financial  |  Silvertip Telematics  |  Sonic Environmental Solutions  
Software Pricing Partners  |  Snaptech  |  Steeves and Associates  |  Teraspan Networks  |  ThinApse 
Top Local Rankings  |  Wasserman + Partners Advertising  |  Webtech Wireless  |  Xplorex


Apple Canada  |  AT&T Wireless  |  Intrawest  |  Microsoft  |  Schenker Global Logistics
Tectura  |  Terasen Gas  |  WebEx Communications 


2010 Winter Olympic Games Secretariat  |  BC Ministry of Economic Development
BC Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Development  |  Forestry Innovation Investment 
Industry Canada  |  National Research Council of Canada  |  Sauder School of Business (UBC)
Trade Team Canada

How it works

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