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How It Works

Eliminate Revenue Risks, by Design

Amacus lets you spot and fix mistakes fast. Its auto-analytics let you spend more time selling, and learn, fast, what works best.

After every contact with a prospect, either via phone, face to face, or voicemail, use amacus to send a follow up email Include links to info that answers their questions, addresses their concerns, and creates unexpected, exceptional, value for them. 

The moment a prospect clicks on any amacus link, Reps are notified so they can act. This feedback lets Reps see the immediacy of a buyer's most pressing business issues. No more guessing if they care about the info you're sharing with them.

If buyers don't click on what you sent them, it's just as telling. When it's time to try contacting them again, based on your firm's best practices, Reps are notified to re-try 1-1 contact. This feedback lets Reps be organized and helpful with every prospect despite everything that's going on.

As Reps do their work, Amacus' auto-analytics reveal what's working, in real-time. This metrics-driven approach lets you learn, from your practices, which practices work best. As these auto-analytics roll in, our coaches look, with an independent eye, for small changes that might make a big difference in your team's Return on Effort.

Accelerate your learning cycles. Get to better, fast.
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