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How It Works Unique Features

Simplifying the Work + Measuring the Outcomes

Amacus improves B2B sales performance by letting you see the buyer actions triggered by your sales practices.
It's a personalized, analytics-aided, test-bench for your sales practices. That lets you learn what works.
With practice. And experimentation. Some of what makes it unique:

  • NO user manual (you wouldn't read it if we gave you one)

  • a simple user interface with just the info you need to have helpful sales conversations with your buyers

  • instant alerts that let you know when it's time to next contact each prospect + what issue[s] to raise

  • a tactics configurator for testing new tactics, with new titles, issues, messages, and cadences

  • searchable archive of sales collateral for use in quickly answering questions and creating interest

  • a quick history of all you've ever done with a buyer lets you pick up every conversation where it left off

  • auto-analytics, captured automatically in the flow of your work, mean no more reporting + more time for selling

  • automatic, real time guidance on what follow-ups to do, now, with whom, and why

  • real time sales analytics that help you kill bad tactics + practice more often your best practices

  • no IT support nor any new hardware required
Our 5 Ingredients for Buyer-Guided Sales Performance ...